The Snow Queen's
Lost Book of Charms

In the far North, a wild wind blows, a spell that can only be broken by one with a pure heart.

A magical walkabout performance based on the classic Christmas fairytale by Hans Christian Andersen.

“People coming up

and asking questions

and becoming part

of the performance was really special. ”

Emma Wheetman

Co-Artistic Director, Wintertide Festival

In the wilds of the distant North, join the young boy Kai,
as he searches for his lost friend,
Gerda who has become imprisoned in the ice.
Discover lost letters, cast a magic spell and take part in a traditional
Finnish circle dance in this magical winter adventure that
premiered at Wintertide Festival in 2018.

For children 3-7 and families

- Ideal for children and families.

- Interactive, with opportunities for children to help in the rescue mission.

- Children learn a traditional Finnish circle dance.

- Low tech requirements (we provide our own PA).

- 3 people on the road or 2 people and one emerging artist who we will work with from your community (2 hours rehearsal required, ideal for performing arts students aged 16+).

- Travels between two spaces on your festival site or within your building. Ideal for guiding audiences to explore new spaces.

Runtime: Approximately 15 minutes

Two performers, both from the same household.