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Fully Booked Theatre

"Fully Booked Theatre's work is always on my list of ‘must book’
every time a new show is produced as
you know you are going to get
truly inclusive engaging
fun and fantastical theatre for all the family!"

Martin Wilson, Executive Director, TIN Arts

Fully Booked Theatre is a children's dance theatre company specialising
in both indoor and outdoor interactive performances for young audiences.

Jennifer Essex

Formed in 2017 by Canadian dance choreographer Jennifer Essex and English poet Harry Man, Fully Booked Theatre have toured to libraries, theatres and festivals. Fully Booked joyfully plops the worlds of dance and poetry into the mixer and whizzes the two together.

The company delivers indoor and outdoor performances and workshops, collaborating with established partners nationally and internationally from the worlds of literature, dance, music and technology.

“It’s rare to see a children’s show that has all of these

combinations: storytelling, dance, participation,

music and lots and lots of fun!"

- Claire Bigley, Creative Producer

Tmesis Theatre on Space Rebel Princess

“Thank you so much for Saturday – it was great fun
and the children clearly loved getting involved.

You could see them grow in
confidence through the performance
and it is so good for their self-esteem.”

Wendy Timothy Stock Services and Activities Officer, Tamworth Library

Preview Show at The Rainbow Leisure Centre

Who We Are

Jennifer Essex - Choreographer, Chief Rocket Scientist & Co-Artistic Director

Jennifer Essex

Choreographer, Chief Rocket Scientist
& Co-Artistic Director

With over 17 years of professional experience, Jennifer has performed across Canada, Europe and Mexico. She has performed in the feature films Anna Karenina and Les Miserables and toured with “Ben Hur Live” to arenas across Europe, including London’s O2. Her digitally interactive outdoor dance work REPLICAS was premiered at Stockton International Riverside Festival in 2016.

She has been supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, Arts Council England, Pavilion Dance, Dance City, Middlesbrough Council, Stockton International Riverside Festival, and Tees Valley Dance, among many others. Jennifer is a Senior Lecturer in Dance and Performance at Teesside University.

In this photo Jennifer is testing her rocket engines.

Harry Man - Playwright, Totally Realistic Rocket Engine Noise Maker  <br> & Co-Artistic Director

Harry Man

Playwright, Totally Realistic Rocket Engine Noise Maker
& Co-Artistic Director

Harry has been a Clarissa Luard Wordsworth Trust Poet in Residence and a TOAST Fellowship Poet.
His most recent pamphlet, Finders Keepers, a collaboration with the artist Sophie Gainsley, was shortlisted for the Ted Hughes Award.

Harry has also taught in schools, libraries and universities throughout the UK, including Cumbria, Oxfordshire, Somerset, Wiltshire, Teesside and elsewhere.

In this photo Harry is blasting into space.

Once Upon
a Wall

An egg, a wall, a very big fall.

The best streetdancer
in the city of Lost Sandwiches
wasn't the only really good egg...

Once Upon a Wall

As featured on


Once Upon a Wall at Salisbury International Festival Once Upon a Wall at Birdhouse Theatre Family Festival


Join Hum-T on her fast-paced dancing adventure through the streets of Lost Sandwiches. Build a giant wall, throw down some signature moves, and watch one very large egg scramble to the top!

Kids and adults alike join in the fun on the egg-venture of a lifetime, becoming hoofed horses, hip-hopping with the Royal Rebels and helping an egg to see the sunny side of life. Commissioned by Stockton International Riverside Festival and Middlesbrough Council and supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

Production Details

- Ideal for children and families.

- Interactive with lots of opportunities for children and adults to join in the fun.

- Two people on the road.

- Happy, nostalgic 90s hip-hop sounds!

- Low tech requirements
(one sound technician and PA).

- Brilliant for flat, grassy areas.

Once Upon a Wall was a fun-filled,
energy-packed performance
that entertained our family, from
a 3 year old to a 28 year old.

"Loads of chances for the kids to participate,
cleverly written, and an all round
lovely little show that was
the highlight of the festival for us!”

Audience Members
Stockton International Riverside Festival

Commissioned by SIRF - Stockton International Riverside Festival

Learning Resources Consultant: Amy Swalwell
Costumes, Set Design & Construction: Emily Spreadborough
Costume Assistant: Raquel Fernandez

This sounds a-mayonnaise-ing,
I want to book this show!

The Snow Queen's
Book of Lost Charms

A reimagining of Hans Christian Andersen's classic fairytale.

In the wilds of the distant North, join an Arctic explorer as he searches for his lost friend,
Gerda who has become imprisoned in the ice.
Discover lost letters, cast a magic spell and take part in a traditional
Finnish circle dance in this magical winter adventure that
premiered at Wintertide Festival in 2018.

Production Details

- Ideal for children and families.

- Interactive, with opportunities for children to help in the rescue mission.

- Children learn a traditional Finnish circle dance.

- Low tech requirements (we provide our own PA).

- 3 people on the road
or 2 people and one emerging artist who we will work
with from your community
(2 hours rehearsal required, ideal for performing arts students aged 16+).

- Travels between two spaces on your festival site or within your building.
Ideal for guiding audiences to explore new spaces.

Take me somewhere magical,
I want to book this show!

The Daily Uppity Chuck


Space Rebel Princess

Princess boards mysterious craft before zooming into space, as Uppity Chuck's citizens are both amused and amazed.



A fearless young princess raised for royalty but not for rocketry, dreams of becoming Uppity Chuck's first astronaut.


Outsmarting the confines of her palace upbringing, and with the help of the audience, the princess must break free of the fear that holds her back, and boldly go where no princess has gone before!

Inspired by the likes of the first British astronaut, Helen Sharman, engineers and flight controllers throughout the world of space science, who have ignited curiosity and passion in successive generations of young people to pursue science and engineering, Space Rebel Princess seeks to empower young people and to inspire in them a life-long love of stories.


• For children 5-9 and families
• Collaborative with audience participation:
- Decipher alien messages!
- Assemble a giant rocket!
- Float with the princess
in zero gravity!
- Save the world!

Children get involved, helping the princess to achieve her mission as she constructs her first ever rocketship in a land where reading and writing has been outlawed…


This is a small-scale work focuses on innovative audience engagement and adventure. Space Rebel Princess combines clowning, physical theatre, dance, craft and poetry to create a piece of joyful, genre-bending performance.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces

Runtime: Approximately 25 minutes


Creative Consultants: Lorraine Smith,
Sarah & Rose O'Brien, Heike Salzer & Paul Harman
Social Media Marketing Intern: Melissa Doran

Production Details

- Ideal for children and families.

- Interactive with lots of opportunities for children and adults to join in the fun.

- Two people on the road.

- Low tech requirements (one sound technician and PA).

- Quick to set up and quick to pack down.

- Brilliant for flat grassy surfaces.

Take me into space,
I want to book this show!

Space Rebel Princess in the Great Indoors!

Space Rebel Princess is a brilliant little show for children
with a childlike playfulness
at its heart.

A great experience for those that took part
and fabulously entertaining for those that watched.

Genuinely playful genius.”

Adrian Turrell-Watts

Space Rebel Princess in the Great Outdoors!

Tour Dates

Ever wanted to blast into space?
Or help to build and destroy an utterly massive wall?

Now's your chance!

Space Rebel Princess - Thought Foundation, Durham
14th April 2020

Once Upon a Wall - Deer Shed Festival
24-26th July 2020


Once Upon a Wall - IncludFest, Hardwick Park
28th September 2019

Space Rebel Princess - Festival of Thrift
14th - 15th September 2019

Once Upon a Wall - Middlesbrough Town Hall
8th June 2019

Space Rebel Princess - Microdot Festival - Manchester
15th June 2019

Space Rebel Princess - Blackpool’s Arts and Libraries Festival of Words
6th July 2019

Space Rebel Princess - Refract, Waterside Arts, Sale - Trafford
24th July 2019

Once Upon a Wall - SIRF Stockton International Riverside Festival
2nd - 4th August 2019

Once Upon a Wall - Red Hall Community Centre, Darlington
20th August 2019

Once Upon a Wall - Greenbelt Festival
23rd - 26th August 2019

Once Upon a Wall - Salisbury International Arts Festival, Salisbury
1st June 2019

Once Upon a Wall - Birdhouse Family Festival
27th May 2019

Red Hall Community Centre, Darlington
3rd December 2018

DN Festival, Doncaster
27th July - 28th July 2018

Stockton International Riverside Festival
2nd - 5th August 2018

Greenbelt Festival
24th - 27th August 2018

Tamworth Library
1st September 2018
11:00am and 2:00pm

Mouth of the Tyne Festival
7th - 8th July 2018

Includfest Durham
18th September 2017

Tram Sunday Fleetwood
16th July 2017

IncludFest Darlington
15th July 2017

TRAction Festival Crewe
7th July 2017

Middlesbrough Library
1st July 2017

YoungFest Liverpool
2nd June 2017

Sandbach Festival of Transport
22nd April 2017


Fully Booked offer a variety of workshops
for adults and children of all ages.

Please contact us for booking information.

Arts Award Advisers - Arts Award Centre, SIRF

Fully Booked are trained Arts Award Advisers and are qualified to deliver both ‘Discover' and ‘Explore' Arts Awards.

“Working with Fully Booked Theatre Company has been an fantastic experience for our young people. The creativity, learning and pure joy that came out of each session was brilliant. Staff have an excellent rapport with young people. They are enthusiastic, passionate, thoughtful, thought provoking and inspiring.

Fully Booked theatre company have been a absolute delight and a pleasure to work with. From dancing, rapping, art and poetry, they have it all.

They are talented, fun and hardworking and this was infectious in the drama studio. Students learned so much and they loved it. Thank you Fully Booked, we hope to see you soon!"

Lisa Connor, Creative Director,
Priory Woods School and Arts College.

Interstellar Travel Passports for Participants in the Stockton SIRF Carnival 2018

Custom Interstellar Passports for Participants
Stockon International Riverside Festival's Carnival

“Working with Jennifer was quite literally one of the most colourful experiences in my dancing life. Her vibrant personality really plays a massive part in her choreography. She works a collaborative process from the soul. Everyone plays a part together and leaves the rehearsal room with a smile. A joy to work with."

Sophie Whitrick, Student, University of Cumbria

“Harry's arrival at our writing club gave us all a treat; his knowledge not just within his specialist subject of poetry but of the business of publishing and gave us all a direct insight into what could otherwise be a different realm."

- Totterdown Writers' Group

“I loved working with Jennifer Essex for REPLICAS as she allowed me to express who I was as a genderqueer performing artist. Her passion for connection through movement goes across generations, and she creates an inclusive and playful environment to work in."

- Louiseanne Wong, Dancer, REPLICAS

Workshop with Young Lungs Dance Exchange, Winnipeg, Canada

“Thank you so much, Harry, for your kindness and incredible helpfulness as my supervisor...
it is rare to have a supervisor who both uplifts and inspires, yet also understands
and furthers the work."

Student, Oxford University

“Jennifer is an exceptional performer, dancer, choreographer and teacher. She has an ability to totally transform herself physically in a variety of styles, working with passion, depth and precision. She also has a great ability to inspire others through her teaching and creation of work."

Elinor Randle, Artistic Director of Tmesis Theatre (Liverpool)


Make Your Own Fortune Teller Space Rebel Princess Games

Download our new Space Rebel Princess Fortune Teller game
and blast you and your family into space on your very own
interstellar adventure!